In the previous article, we discuss “What is YouTube”. We also see some Interesting Facts about YouTube. So if you have not read that article. I’ll recommend you to read the previous article first. However, In this article, we will discuss “How to create YouTube Channel” and “start online earning in Pakistan”. Let’s get started!

What is a YouTube Channel?

Every user who registers for an account on YouTube also has a personal channel. You can make many YouTube channels, and also start online earning from them. You can watch and like videos and subscribe to channels with a Google Account. But without a YouTube channel, you have no public presence on YouTube. Even if you have a Google Account, you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists.

Now here also a Question arise “Is it free to have a YouTube channel?”. Creating a YT channel is completely free. The part that can get expensive is when you start to create the content for your channel. Now Lets start to create a YouTube Channel.

Decide on the purpose of your channel

When it comes to YouTube, clearly defining your purpose may be the difference between success and failure. If you’re making videos about such topics that you find interesting and also know a lot about them, you’re going to attract more followers.

If you’re also having a problem coming up with a niche, you can browse other ranking YouTube channels. This is also an excellent way to find out what most viewers are interested in and scope out the competition. Once you’ve settled on a niche, you can begin looking for ways to set yourself apart from other YouTubers.

Steps To Create A YouTube Channel For Beginners!

To create a YouTube Channel, you first need a Google Account. So first of all you must have a google account. So if you don’t have a google account. You need to create a new google account. And if you also don’t know how to create a Google Account. Click Here and learn about creating a Google Account.

If you already have a google account. You can simply open YouTube in your browser by clicking here. On YouTube you will see a Sign in button in the top right corner.


You simply need to click on sign-in button. It will link your YouTube with Google Account. However, now you will see a profile icon on your screen at the same position on top right corner. As given in the below image.


Now to create a new YouTube Channel. You also have to click on that icon and you will see a sidebar appears as shown in below image. In this sidebar you also have to click “Create a channel” option.


After clicking on “Create a channel” option. A new profile form will be appears also titled as “How You’ll appears”. On this form you first click on “Upload Picture” Option and upload a photo. However, This picture will appears on YT Channel that you are going to create. Below this option there will be a text box labeled as Name. However, on this text box you have to enter the name of YouTube channel that you are going to Create. At the end you have to click on Create Channel option available in right bottom corner.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your YouTube Channel. But it didn’t ends here. You need to customize now your YouTube Channel.

How To Customise Your YouTube Channel

To customise your YouTube Channel. Firstly, click on Customize Channel button from dashboard. A YouTube Studio WELCOME form will appear. Click on continue button. Now you are entered in the YouTube Studio. Here you need to click on settings button from the sidebar. In setting form you have to click on Feature eligibity option.


However, when you click on feature eligibility option. Here you will found three more options. The first one will be Standard features. This option will be already enabled. But the other two options (Intermediate features, Advanced features) needs to be enable. To enable these options click on the drop-cap icon as shown in below image.


After Clicking on Intermediate features drop-cap icon. Click on Verify Phone Number button. A Phone verification form will appear. On this Form simply select your country and also enter your Phone Number. After filling above all fields simply click on GET CODE button. A six digit code will be received on your mobile number that you have entered.


However, now you need to paste the 6-digit code as it is in the next form textbox and click on submit button.

When you enter a valid 6-digit code in the verification code field. You will see a message that your phone number is verified successfully. Congratulations! Your phone number has now been verified.


YouTube Customisation

However, now simply come back to the settings tab on feature eligibility option to Customise YouTube Channel. Now you will see that your Intermediate feature option has been enabled. However, In the same case you can enable advance feature option.

Moreover, Now simply come back to your YT Channel Dashboard and click on customisation option. From Customisation, click on basic info tab and also add your channel description here. At the end of this page you have also need to enter your email address.

Finally, Now click on customisation option. From Customisation, click on branding tab and upload your YouTube Channel Logo, watermark and banner.

At the end click again on settings>Basic Info and also select your country. Here you also have options to enter your keyword. Now click again on settings>Advance Settings and also select “No, set this channel as not Made for Kids, I never upload content that’s made for children“.

Congratulations! You have Completed Your YouTube Channel creation and also customised it successfully. I hope that after reading this article you also get an clear idea about Creating YouTube Channel. Also share your feedback about my YouTube Channel Series in the comment section. In our next article we will see how we can monetize our YouTube Channel“. And also how we can earn money online from YouTube Channel in Pakistan. Take best care of Your Self. God Bless You.

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