Today in this article we will discuss “What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA)”. We will also see its responsibilities and other different factors. In our previous article we discussed “what is Amazon?” and what is Amazon Dropshipping?. However, if you haven’t read these articles. I’ll also recommend you to read them before starting this article. So let’s start today’s article.

Who is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Someone, who helps you in managing your Amazon business is known as an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Amazon Virtual Assistant is also abbreviated as VA/AVA. The range of services provided by virtual assistants depends on each variety of skills. In other words, it means managing every task that a business owner may assign to you. Your responsibilities may involve product sourcing for their stores, customer service, and other things like advertising.

Why do people Need Amazon Virtual Assistant?

On Amazon, many e-commerce shops are managed by a single person. As a result, they regularly face productivity overload.

  • Task Management: They might hire you as an Amazon VA to do the tasks they find difficult such as resolving answering emails, customer queries, or following up on the sales tab.
  • Support: A business owner might need support with skills they don’t have. Examples: Photoshop, Web Development, and Data Analysis.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring someone remotely on a per-hour/project is the best choice for small business owners. It also reduces other costs such as renting an office space and paying bills etc.
  • Minimum Employee Obligation: Since a virtual assistant works as an independent contractor, the employers are only responsible for paying their fixed rate plus they can cut the taxes and employee benefits cost.
  • Convenience: Through virtual assistants, business owners can target other important tasks that boost their growth. 

How to work with Amazon in Pakistan as a virtual assistant:

According to some sources, Amazon has added Pakistan to its list of approved sellers, which is good news for our e-commerce industry. To work as an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you must obey the following conditions if you live in Pakistan.


Step1: Attend the required Amazon VA training:

Firstly, you must be knowledgeable about all of an Amazon Virtual Assistant’s abilities to become one. You must complete proper Amazon VA training for that. You can enroll in any college that offers courses on Amazon Virtual Assistant:

  • Manage an Amazon Account.
  • Understand all the data research tools for Product Research and Product Sourcing for Amazon.
  • Order Fulfillment tasks (Inventory replenishment to shipping FBM orders to customers).
  • Providing customer service (Handling Returns, Refunds, Reviews, and Inquiries).
  • Management of an Amazon Listing (Inception to Optimization).
  • Amazon PPC (Advertisement campaign Management for Amazon).
  • Product Launch and Ranking.

Step 2 – Choose Your Business Structure:

The answer to ‘Which business structure should I choose’ will depend upon a variety of different criteria including:

  • Where your business is physically located? 
  • Which types of clients will you be working with?
  • What VA work will you be doing? What skills do you already have? 
  • How responsive can you be to your clients?
  • How will your income be changing as you will switch to full-time employment?

Step 3 – Decide Which Amazon Virtual Assistant Services You Will Offer Your Clients:

For many new virtual assistants, choosing services is a critical step. There is no set of guidelines that mandates that once you get started, you must continue with a single type of service.

Everyone assumes that an Amazon Virtual Assistant (AVA) checks email, manages their client’s schedule, returns phone calls, and performs administrative tasks when we talk about this profession.

Although you can provide a variety of other virtual assistant services. However, these can be website design, digital marketing, reserving travel, freelance copywriting, etc.

Step 4 – Decide on Your Pricing Structure:

It should be worthwhile for you to spend the time deciding on and determining your charges. The two most crucial elements are time and money. Other considerations you should bear in mind are:

  • You aren’t a worker. Contract management is what you do.
  • Additionally, you won’t receive any benefits (sick days, paid vacation, health insurance, or retirement contributions).
  • Instead, you’ll be responsible for covering overhead. Office costs, some software subscriptions, and other expenses are included.

Step 5 – Establish Your Online Presence:

You must have a solid online presence. However, If you plan to work online and offer Amazon Virtual Assistant services from your selected destination. You have a few different ways to build your internet presence as a virtual assistant to start:

  • social media accounts specifically for VAs.
  • A résumé.
  • A page for hiring.

Step 6 – Land New Clients by Pitching and Networking:

However, finding your first few clients is the last and most crucial stage in starting a new VA service. It also takes much more commitment and effort to get from client number 3 to 0 than it does to go from 3 to 6. Time, experience, exposure, and confidence also seem to have contributed to the difference. The growing process is made simpler once these four factors are together.

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